Cyber Data Breach Notification: Mitigation And Response

With a surge in the use of Cloud data infrastructures and an ever-increasing reliance on technology around the world, data breaches have unfortunately become inevitable for many companies. Of course, it is a known fact that most breaches go undetected. However, in the event that a cyber breach has been detected, either internally or otherwise, DCUBE offers you the Cyber Data Breach Notification services to react and respond in a faster, more accurate, and cheaper fashion.


Data breaches can happen for a multitude of reasons. Luke Irwin of the website It wrote in a 2020 blog that the top 3 most common ways that data breaches occur are:

  1. Criminal Hacking (45%) - Unsurprisingly, criminal hacking is at the top of the list. Hackers come in many forms and are not always expert computer coders. In fact, Verizon discovered that the most common hacking technique involved using stolen credentials. Criminals with zero technical knowledge can access an employee’s credentials by purchasing them on the dark web, finding them written down, cracking them using a password-generating machine or just guessing them.

  2. Human Error (22%) - “Breaches don’t have to be caused by someone acting maliciously. Verizon found that more than one in five incidents was the result of a mistake made by an employee” (Irwin, 2020).

  3. Social Engineering (22%) - These include things like phishing and pretexting, in which crooks contact their targets under false pretenses to gain their information.

  4. It is important to remember that these things may not happen due to the company's negligence. The truth of the matter is that even with the best cybersecurity programs and defenses in place, there are still cracks in the armor waiting to be found.


When a cyber data breach occurs, there are legal obligations that every company within the United States is bound to. All U.S. Federal and State legal requirements for data breach response are included in our article HERE. The consequences for not doing following these laws can be dire for an entire company or an individual employee, as shown in the recent Uber breach case. Uber paid out $100,000 to the fraudsters and tried to keep the breach a secret. Behavior like this cost the company 148 million dollar settlement and their CSO. In fact, even a slow response to the breach and notifying affected customers can result in fines from multiple federal entities, loss of customer trust, time lost to the breach instead of business operations, and more.


When a breach occurs, the company or law firm must quickly assess what data is compromised, and that's where we come in. Our cyber data breach notification service identifies all stolen PII, PHI, PFI, FERPA, and NPII data and who has explicitly been affected in the breach. We are certified by FedRAMP, the standard security assessment and authorization for cloud products and services used by U.S. federal agencies, EU - U.S. Privacy Shield Framework, ITAR compliant, GDPR, SSAE 16, and other prominent certifications. DCube offers a 24/7 suite of services backed by a crack team of data security experts and attorneys ready for you at a moment's notice. Despite that, we are still human, so we utilize the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence to mitigate human error. These elements come together to deliver more accurate results than any of our competitors, twice as fast and with a 60% cost reduction.


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